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How to Tag Gifs for People with Epilepsy: A Masterpost


Hello Tumblr! I’m here to talk about something near and dear to my heart: tagging gifs that could trigger an epileptic seizure. This is a huge issue (google SUDEP if you don’t believe me), and yet it doesn’t seem to get much attention from the community at large. Very often I see people claim “I don’t know what to tag!” and so they either tag every gif or none at all. That’s why this post was made. I’m here to educate you and spread awareness.

If you follow the ‘read more’, I’ve gathered a whole army of gifs with the help of the lovely eyelash that will help you understand what should and should not be tagged. WARNING: If you are a photosensitive epileptic or bothered by gifs in general, please do not click the link below. The gifs within are many and quite triggering.

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I don’t have epilepsy but I can’t even look at those oscillating ones with my gif-freezing app on. The struggle is real, internet.

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what’s a pirates favorite letter?

if it’s rrrrrrr i’m going to kill you

you may think its r… but his true love be the C

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Don’t know if we can look at Coke every the same way again. Be prepared to cringe when you watch the full video  here. 

sugar caramelizes when heated, more shocking news to follow

It’s like that guy setting coffee creamer on fire and being like “people drink this stuff!” and it’s like yeah, a dry powder suspended in air is flammable, shock horror.


Never show these guys how candy is made, they’ll shit themselves.

*quietly facepalms forever*

I hate when people try to prove foods are unhealthy using properties utterly unrelated to their value as foods.  You can make anything sound gross if you want to.

Did you know that salt is the same chemical we use to defrost sidewalks?!?!

Did you know that water is a major component in pig urine?!?!

Did you know that bread is made of wheat that has been ground into a powder and artificially reconstituted into a loaf shape using a fungus?!?!

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John Cage playing with his cat.


John Cage playing with his cat.

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John Cale, Lou Reed, Patti Smith and David Byrne


John Cale, Lou Reed, Patti Smith and David Byrne

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What do you love?

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Severance tax on alligator skins; penalty.

There is hereby levied a severance tax on each alligator skin taken from any alligator within this state, payable to the state through the department by the alligator farmer selling or shipping his skins within or without the state or taking his own catch out of state, at the rate of $1.00 on each skin. Failure to pay such severance tax subjects all alligator skins held by such alligator farmers to confiscation by order of the department. Failure to maintain complete records and to pay the severance tax as provided herein subjects any alligator farmer to the full penalties provided in this article and the immediate revocation of his license by the department. No license shall be issued to any alligator farmer who has not paid such severance tax for the preceding year. Violation of this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

Code of Alabama, Section 9-12-210 (Acts 1989, No. 89-874, p. 1749, §11.)
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It was like the classic scene in the movies where one lover is on the train and one is on the platform and the train starts to pull away, and the lover on the platform begins to trot along and then jog and then sprint and then gives up altogether as the train speeds irrevocably off. Except in this case I was all the parts: I was the lover on the platform, I was the lover on the train. And I was also the train.Lorrie Moore, A Gate at the Stairs